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We live on a hillside in the picturesque little town of Brookfield in the
Green Mountains of Vermont. We bought land and started building a
house shortly after meeting and getting married in the mid 80s on Cape
Cod. I was painting murals in people's houses, and Alan was a mechanic
and machinist looking to change his focus from mechanicing to machining
when we made the move looking for a cleaner, country-ish way of life.

Once the house was well begun, Alan went to work for a machine shop in
the next town. I continued traveling to paint, while starting to pick up mural
work in Vermont. I'd been painting for a number of years and really wanted
a change, but took some time finding the right thing to change to. I
developed a line of stenciled prints, and with Alan's help, tried the craft
show curcuit. After I realized that it wasn't what I was looking for, I spent
a few years working at growing a line of photo notecards and selling them
to stores. Again, it wasn't what I was looking for. About 7 years ago I
expressed some interest in trying out some of a new colorful polymer
modleing clay that I saw on a TVshow. Alan bought me some for
Christmas that year. After a some daudling and a few false starts,
my excitement and enthusiasm for this new material grew to total
envolvement, fueled by an open, informative online support network.

For 5 years now, we have been doing more and more, and better and
better fine arts and craft shows with my polymer clay jewelry. Alan left
the machining job after 14 years to persue his dream of a life in
motorcycles and is now also an integral part of the shows. He teaches the
Motorcycle Safety course for the State of Vermont, rebuilds old bikes
and on one or two weekends a month, lugs in, helps set up and
works the booth selling my polymer clay jewelry at shows.

The house?...we're still working on it occasionally. It's far from done, but we
love it. I feel very lucky to have happened upon polymer clay. It's versatility,
wonderful color, low cost, and endless possiblilities make it the perfect
thing for me. I'm going to be doing this for a very long time. And I feel
particularly lucky to have found my Chief Promotor/Art Consultant/
Salesman/partner, Alan Jefferys, a guy with a life-long passion for old
motorcycles, an almost mystical way with machines, the eye of an artist and
the soul of a poet. He has a hunger for meeting new people and an
unabashed enthusiasmfor other people's talents. Visit Alan and
Stray Cat Cycles at www.straycc.com

Thanks for stopping by.
Mindy Jackson-Jefferys




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