Decorative Painting By Mindy Jackson-Jefferys

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1) Stencil wall border design taken from a fabric.
2) Original, 11 stencil, dragon , wall border.
3) Original stencil design on BerBer carpet.
4) Trompe l'oeil stencil to look like carved wood.

Hand-Painted floors, stairs and screens
1) Kitchen floor
2) Flower screen
3) Nantucket beach screen
4) Stairs

Painting touches
1) Summer wildflower spray over window.
2) Chickadee bathroom.
3) Grape border and ceiling in the dining room.
4) Dogs want to go out.
5) Painted tumbled marble over the stove

Trompe l'oeil - fools the eye
1) Bas-relief plaster look - dining room
2) Bas-relief plaster look - urinal
3) Tuscany kitchen shelf
4) Bedroom niche
5) Nantucket window with painted curtain and painted plates.

1) Light house
2) Perennial garden in a hospital.
3) Rufus Porter inspired living room.
4) Rain forest jungle.



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