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Polymer Clay Jewelry
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         Unique and Colorful Polymer Clay Jewelry
                            by Mindy Jackson-Jefferys,
           Designs inspired by the natural beauty of
                     leaves, butterfly wings, wood,
                          animal skins and stones.

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Questions or comments? Email Mindy@StrayCat.biz    
                   Jewelry Gallery
                              Butterfly and moth wing necklaces
                              Leaf necklaces page 1 
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                  Moon Pendants
                  Maple leaves and Acorns 
Earrings - leaves, beads & flowers
                  Earrings - butterfly & moth wings

A little about polymer clay & me.....
Polymer clay jewelry is an exciting new direction for me. I
began my creative career in earth-based clay...loving the tactile
sensuality. Then, when I started painting, the blending of color
was what I enjoyed most. My two favorite mediums have been
joined into one! I use no paint in the making of this jewelry, but
the combination of this pliable clay and the wonderful colors it
comes in is like sculpting in paint. The patterns come from
blending the colorful clays, and slicing and adding strips of a
contrasting color. Occasionally, gold irredecsent powder and
gold leaf are used, and small glass beads are often used
as spacers. Everything else I make from polymer clay.
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