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- Wholesale price for all cards with envelope - $1.25 each

Minimum first order of 102 cards =half dozen cards each of 17 designs
       - enough to fill our small, reccomended wire, counter rack.

       After the first order, the minimum order is for 30 cards
        - minimum of 3 of each of 19 designs

To order - write down your choices with quantities and email, call or post your order.

       We accept MasterCard/VISA, C.O.D., checks require time to clear.
       Net 30 available after initial order and references.

Trust us and save time - Give us a quantitiy, and we will happily put together
         an order for you of the best selling cards for your area and time of year.

Guarantee - If any card does not sell for any reason, you can return it at anytime
       for full credit toward another card

Please feel free to call with any questions, special orders or situations.



Floor rack - $64.00 plus shipping
  - 34 pockets - 10 horizontal, 24 vertical pockets
  - overlapping style pockets(1" deep)

Counter rack - $30.00 plus shipping

  - 17 pockets- 5 horizontal, 12 vertical pockets
  - overlapping style pockets(1" deep)







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